What seem to be.

At many times, we are so into something that we actually lost ourselves. We lost what we planned, lost what we thought could be. Human are just funny creatures going around thinking they are the smartest. Yes, smart but dumb. Many a times, we often thought when we are into something, it will be forever. But it had never been the case. It’s always the total opposite in my opinion. Whatever.

Been a while since I last posted. Perhaps I should start posting more often as well with long posts about certain topic or things that happened around me and my observations. If others can, why can’t we?

Some things never change

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 1.36.54

After so long that I last took the test, the results never changed.

It’s not because I chose the same answers over and over again, honestly I don’t even remember the questions in the past, but I guess, I really belong to that category. It pretty interesting how it’s so accurate and how the result never changed.


You know, the thing that I miss about being overseas is that, I don’t see all these disgusting people around. Like seriously. I don’t know what had happened when I was away for my exchange, but I know, people here are all the same. Gross. It’s just so disturbing.


5 months of exchange had just passed with a blink of eye! Like whao! Seriously? What have I been doing in these 5 months? Sometimes, I felt that things happened so fast that I couldn’t even register that I have had done all these things before. Even for the travelings that I did, sometimes I will try hard to think back what I did in these different locations. Time is really flies and in a few weeks time, I will be heading back to face all the realities that I have been escaping from.

Anyhow, I guess I have learned a lot during this trip and experienced so many things I probably will never experience in Singapore in my life. I’m really glad that I’m given this opportunity even though it took me really a lot of effort to get it. Never regretted spending my time in adm doing work and etc. No matter what my last year might be like, I hope I could still be able to handle everything and do well for my FYP. Honestly, it quite a pain in the ass. Photos photos, where are my photos. Damn.


Whao. It has been exactly 3 months since my last update. What have I really spent my time on during this whole trip? Surprisingly, there are still people reading my tiny space here. Probably just some random people who stumbled upon my blog but hey! This person actually spent hours reading all my 200+ posts here. Is this person trying to stalk me or something? Or got really too bored that you’ve found my blog an entertainment? haha whatever the case, thanks for reading uh? 😀

Alright, I should do a little update about my life now I guess. After this, I should really spend time getting my photos edited and upload them, I have to record down what I did in every trip before my memory fails me along with my age. Seems like it’s really tough for me to remember much things now as I get older. Else it takes me some time to recall something that I have did before. Horrible.

So, I have been in Germany for like 2 months and 2 weeks already. For all I know, I will be back to the sunny island in another 3 months. Time really flies and I really don’t want to go back so quickly. Or rather, I don’t feel like going back at all. I think I’m so used to the life here now already. Sigh pie. Oh well, but no matter what, home is where I belong. I guess I will still have to be back some day some how. My friend who was away for 6 years, is going back too and claiming that home is still the best. Man. For now, I will just enjoy my time here then.


Well, shall do a quick post before I head to bed and crash at this unearthly hour. It’s apparently like rushing assignment. Staying up till you can hear the first bus that just drove past. In just another 9 more days, I will be leaving and kind of experience a new life in the foreign country. I guess I will be away for exactly 179 days but at the same time, I am not sure if I should just stay for so long because I have FYP waiting for me once I touch down in Singapore. Anyhow, I guess I shouldn’t even be thinking about returning when I’ve not even departed from Singapore.

I guess I have enjoyed enough for the past months and it’s time for me to really start working on whatever projects on hand now.

Well, 2 days ago was Valentine’s Day and again, I am spending it alone (without a partner) after so many years. Browsing through the social medias they are all filled with couples posting about their celebration and etc. Oh well, whatever the case, being single isn’t that bad after all. Especially when I have to listen to so many of the stories about relationships that are not working out. I guess only when I get into one then I will truly understand how it feels like to be loved, of course besides the love that I am getting from the rest of the people around me like my family and friends.

Yada yada, I guess I should crash already.